girlwithbookNeed a fresh idea for a girl’s night in? Why not try a Jane Austen movie night? It’s romantic, girly and British – all of the elements for an unforgettable ladies’ date.


Peruse your favorite Austen novel for food inspiration, or whip up a variety of tea sandwiches. This version for egg and watercress and curried chicken look particularly scrumptious.

And don’t forget the all-important tea. If you can, get some dainty floral tea cups and saucers and have hot water waiting in an adorable pot. Lay out a selection of teas for your guests to choose from.

Scones with cream and jam (check out this recipe) will make a decadent treat to pair with the tea.


Make some DIY silhouettes ahead of time reminiscent of those old-timey cameos, or better yet, have every guest make one of themselves. Use black paper for the silhouettes, and white for the background, or to take things up a level in refinement, and use old book pages. Then hang them up on string or ribbon you’ve placed across the room using mini clothespins.

There’s nothing that screams refined British tea party more than lace doilies. Check out this awesome DIY doily heart poms you can hang from the ceiling, or these DIY doily votives  for some mood lighting while you watch the films.


From Emma starring Gwyneth Paltrow, to the latest Pride and Prejudice (who doesn’t love this Keira Knightly version?) to Sense and Sensibility starring a young Kate Winslet, to other less famous adaptations like Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey, the possibilities are endless.

Or for a really fun twist do a double feature featuring a “traditional” Austen flick and a modern-day remake like  Pride and Prejudice and Bridget Jones’ Diary (also starring the original Mr. Darcy, Colin Firth), or Emma and the perennial-classic Clueless, or the lesser known pairing of Sense and Sensibility and its present-day counterpart, From Prada to Nada.

And if you really want to spend all day together, immerse yourself in the lush 6-hour BBC Pride and Prejudice mini-series, also starring the swoon-worthy Colin Firth.

– Esther Carlstone

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