Many times vacations should really be called trips. The rushing, budgeting and coordinating can sometimes leave us more stressed than before we left. has tips on how to have a summer get-a-way without driving yourself insane.

Save Up for the Trip

You’ve already accounted for all travel and room expenses. However, the price of a vacation doesn’t end there. Don’t miss out on all those fun activities! Save up beforehand so you can finally learn to surf, indulge the best restaurant in town or buy your kids those souvenirs they’ve been begging for without denting your credit.

Destination bargains

There are some popular vacation spots that will just not fit into your budget. Instead of stressing out and digging through your couch for lost change, pick a new destination. For instance, Panama, Nicaragua, or Costa Rica have cute cafes and exquisite beaches with incredible snorkeling at nearly half the price as the Caribbean. San Francisco has an abundance of culture and history like New York at the fraction of the price. Instead of going to Paris France, Lisbon, Portugal caters to all your European fantasies without leaving you in debt.

Weigh your luggage

Make sure you check your airline’s website to verify their baggage policies. Otherwise, you may find yourself paying over twice the amount just to get your wardrobe to your vacation!

Stress-Free Package

Investing in an all-inclusive vacation package may feel like a big financial commitment. However, once you get there, there is nothing to worry about except, “What’s next?” The activities, food, and drinks are mostly already paid for so you don’t have to worry over budgeting. Plus, if you take advantage of the spa, that’s a double whammy for your inner calm.


-Emily Freeman

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