One of the current trends in Christmas tree decor are vintage ornaments. Good rustic looking ones, and things that look loved and aged. Browsing the stores you might notice that to buy yourself a vintage looking ornament you might have to spend a pretty penny or two.
You are in luck if you have a regular glass bulb (and who doesn’t) and some nail polish. This does not work on plastic ornament bulbs, only glass. Thank goodness they are inexpensive and ugly. Usually the cheapo bulbs are so shiny you need to wear sunglasses to be in the same room as them. Don’t get me wrong,that works if you are going for a tree with some major bling. But like I already said, I was aiming for something more rustic, a la the Pottery Barn catalog.

The process is simple. You dip a paper towel into nail polish remover and then you dab on your ornament. Don’t push too hard, or wipe. The idea is to be a bit subtle. And you can always build up the look you are going for. If you dive right in and remove all of the paint there is no going back and putting it back on. So start small and keep building until you like what you have.

Repeat the process until you have as many bulbs as you might need. Each one will be completely unique, and utterly fantastic!


-Stephanie Wright

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