We sure are coming down to the wire. Christmas is almost upon us. My kids are out of school, and that means it is time for our last bout of Christmas crafting! Today we made spaghetti noodle Christmas ornaments. This is an old fashioned classic, and it is unbelievable easy. It is perfect for toddlers on up.

You will need to cook some spaghetti noodles. Leave them on the al dente side so they will not break as easily. You want them to be bendy, and swirly, but not completely squishable. When they are finished cooking, run them under cold water to help them cool down. Put them aside in a bowl.

Get some wax paper and place it where your kids will be making their masterpieces.

Grab some good old Elmer’s glue. Squirt a good amount into a small plastic bowl. Have your kids grab a noodle or two and dip it into the glue. Then put it onto the wax paper. Bend it, and shape it, and curly-q it until they are happy.  Quickly sprinkle on some glitter in festive colors.

I love this craft because the kids can make lots of them, over and over, and still enjoy themselves. It is a fantastic gift to makE for the grandparents, or teachers in your life.

Once your spaghetti are in the shapes you like, and covered in glitter allow them to dry over night. When dry you will be able to peel the wax paper right off. To finish the ornament tie a coordinating ribbon to it so you will be able to hang it to your tree.


-Stephanie Wright

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