We are a wasteful nation.  No two ways to tip-toe around it.

It’s widely reported that Americans waste 40% of food produced for consumption.

Remember the days when you weren’t allowed to leave the dinner table until you cleaned your plate?  I’d push my peas around until my mom turned the light off on me, but no matter what, I knew I had to eat them before I was allowed to leave.

Well it’s time to start holding ourselves to the same standards.

When you start paying attention you will find food waste everywhere: restaurants, offices, your own refrigerator.  We don’t necessarily do it on purpose, but here are some simple steps to avoid being wasteful in your own home and in the world around.

Make a List

If you go to the market on an empty stomach, eyes grow larger than needs. We tend to throw whatever looks good in a moment into the cart.  This is a huge mistake.

A little planning will ensure non-wasteful behavior.

Double Check the Pantry

You wouldn’t mistakenly buy the same pair of shoes already in your closet. Don’t woops risk it, because you’ll certainly end up throwing something away.  Check your cupboards and fridge drawers before you head out.

Freeze It

Before your food has the chance to spoil, put it in a freezer-lock bag and spare the waste.  Many do this with meat, but blanch veggies like peas, beans, corn, carrots, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and leafy greens and toss them in the freezer as well.

Bake It

Bananas going bad? Use them to make banana bread.  Same goes for over-the-hill zucchini.

Modern APP-lication

Love Food Hate Waste is a free  app for iPhone and Android that offers hints, tips and recipe ideas to keep home cooks from trashing food too soon.


-Arianna Schioldager

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