Being a stay at home has been the most demanding job I have ever had.  I am constantly looking for ways to make my life easier.  I’m a pretty easy sell for gadgets and doohickeys that promise me more free time and less time doing stuff.  I also get pretty excited about saving money.  Over the years I have learned that to save money on my grocery bill, I have to have a dinner meal plan.  To make it truly effective the dinners must use ingredients that are on sale that week at the grocery store.

To figure all this out is absolutely a ton of work.  I just don’t have it in me to get it all organized and figured out.  That was until I discovered E-mealz.  For five dollars a month, you get five nights of dinners planned out for you.  They base their ingredients on things that are seasonal or on sale (bonus!).  My favorite part is that there are several dinner plans to choose from, low calorie, Weight Watchers, regular, meals for two, etc.  The system is very easy to use, if there are meals you don’t like, or ingredients your kids don’t enjoy, it is unbelievable easy to omit them.  The whole plan is effortless.

I love not having to think about what to cook for dinner, even better I like not having to ask that annoying question, “What do you want for dinner?”  Only to get five different answers, or my favorite, “I don’t know.”  If I knew how to make, “I don’t know.” I would be the richest woman in the world!

-Stephanie Wright

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