popsiclesLet’s skip spring and just get straight to the good stuff: summer BBQs and all the booze that comes with them. You know you were thinking it too! As the weather warms up, the ocean looks even more appealing and the pool area is finally open for business, it’s time to start thinking of some fun ways to keep your guests happy at your bathing suits only soiree. So why not entice them to let loose with a few spiked Popsicle recipes?

Yes, you read that correctly, people are now taking to an old childhood favorite for a new and exciting way to consume alcoholic beverages. Adding booze to an old school treat is something we certainly can’t be mad about. Just make sure there are no kids at the party these are being served. That would be an awful mistake to make.

Here are some recipes that we will absolutely be trying this summer.

Strawberry Peach Collins – For the vodka mixed with fruit lovers, this is a refreshing treat that will give you just the kick you need to start dancing.

White Wine Sangria – Pair this with a pitcher of actual, non frozen, regular sangria and that awful week you had will slowly melt into oblivion!

Lemon Pale Ale – You can’t leave out the beer drinkers! This one is for all those who love a good glass of ale!

Blackberry Prosecco – For the classy ladies at your shin-dig.

Margarita – We love us some tequila. If there weren’t a margarita recipe out there, we’d pretty much be devastated.

Cherry Apple Whiskey Sour – We once partied with a friend in Vegas who drank whiskey on the rocks by the pool. Best day ever? Yes. But perhaps she should have stuck to these Popsicles instead.

Mango Mojito – This wouldn’t be a proper summer cocktail list without a mojito involved.

Alright, we’ve hit pretty much every liquor out there, so no excuses! Go make yourself a booze filled Popsicle and create some less than honorable memories!

-Sasha Huff

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