We have finally planned our first Disneyland trip with our family. Having grown up in Disneyland’s back yard I am extremely excited to share the magic with my kids. However, having been at least five thousand times means that I remember how much stuff inside can cost. And because we live in the South now, chances are we won’t be going as often as I did. That makes this a special treat for my kids. In other words, they will want everything in that park as a souvenir.  I don’t blame them, mouse ears rock.

Having to pay for a family of five just to get into the park is making my wallet hurt. So for the last few months our kids have been filling a nice big jar with their chore money. Their combined goal is to come up with their own spending money, and I have to admit I love the idea. On our end, my husband and I have added a few extra bucks a month to the “chore” budget. We already give about five to ten dollars per kid a month for doing their chores, and we have budgeted an extra ten per chore aged kid. Twenty dollars a month per child for the last four months has been adding up quickly. So far they have come up with $136.57. We still have about a month and a half before the big trip, so I am fairly certain they will reach $200! A five year old, and a two year old!

Both kids have been so helpful lately, and my house has been spotless. Their regular chores include: putting away their own laundry, picking up their rooms once a day, picking up our main play areas in the house before bed, and dusting. Their extra cash has been earned by doing some of the following: washing windows, helping to vacuum, sweeping, pulling weeds in the garden, sorting through their toys to find donate-ables, wiping kitchen and bathroom counters, putting away groceries, and just about anything else that they are able to do. As always, they have to do it without being TOLD to do it. Asking them is fine, but if have to ask twice or tell the to do it they don’t get their money.

Giving them a goal for their money has completely ramped up their chores. I’ll be sad once we return and they don’t have anything to work towards. What type of things have you tried to make your kids earn money for? And how much were they able to raise?

-Stephanie Wright

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