I am the mother of two awesome and adorable cats. However, cleaning a stinky and gross litter box is just NOT my thing. I always felt like no matter what litter, or how many times I cleaned the box there was always a smell of “cat” in my house. I even used the “automatic” litter boxes that would scoop the poop out but that didn’t help with the urine smell or the fact my large male cat missed the litter box sometimes.

catI was ready to give up and just start using disposable litter boxes every two days in my house, which was going to cost me about $625 a year (not to mention it is really harsh on the environment) when I found a Genie…A Cat Genie.

The Cat Genie is an incredible litter box that washes itself. It connects to your toilet or laundry room (cold water) and can automatically runs up to twice a day, washing, sanitizing, cleaning and drying itself without your help, while simultaneously getting rid of urine and waste directly into your toilet or sewer/septic. It is extremely “green” and after set-up it is the best and simplest product out there for dealing with cat waste by far. It isn’t cheap but it is worth every penny and pays for itself in the first year.

Here are a couple additional tips they don’t tell you but I figured out on my own after owning a Cat Genie for three years!

  • Scoop large deposits directly into the toilet, otherwise too much waste can get clogged in the hose
  • If your cat is jumpy, Don’t let them around the device when it cleans its self.
  • Buy the hood! It helps as litter likes to go everywhere, and if you have a large cat like me only use half the hood so they can still stand up.

    get it here – CatGenie

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