Somehow, I got lucky enough to date someone who owns property in the Bahamas. Though there is nothing on the property yet, his parents have a house built on their property and live there year-round. The island they live on, Eleuthera, is about a 45-minute plane ride from Miami. And yes, you do have to ride on a tiny plane, but it is entirely worth it.

Once off the airplane, you will find paradise. The beaches have pink sand, the air is clear, and the water is as blue as a sapphire. One step on the beach, and I knew it would be hard to leave.

beachEleuthera is a quiet island, and a vacation rental there is the perfect getaway for someone who needs some rest from her hectic life. For me, this meant reading five novels in a hammock, sunbathing, floating in the ocean, and morning yoga. For others, this could include surfing too.

While we were there, we got our scuba certification at Valentine’s in Harbour Island. When you get certified, you get to go on dives to places with shipwrecks and fish. I highly recommend at least snorkeling in Eleuthera if you do not feel like scuba diving. Free diving for spear fishing is a popular sport, and if you’re lucky you can have lobster for dinner!

On our visit, we went to a few dinner parties, the fish fry, and a local watering hole called Elvina’s. The fish fry on Fridays is definitely the place to be. There is always music blasting, people dancing, food flowing, and no lack of company. Elvina’s is a bar that is always bustling with people too. The Rainbow Inn is a good restaurant/inn and a good place for happy hour. The owners feed the likes of Lenny Kravitz and his band all the time! A new place to go is called Sky Beach, if you want to see some expensive houses, I recommend going that way.

A trick I learned while there is that if the weather or water is questionable on one side of the island, go to the other side! Eleuthera is a place I hold dear in my heart. The people on the island are so warm that it enhances the experience. One day in Eleuthera and you will understand why I want to go back!


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