The whole world is buzzing about the XXX Olympics. To celebrate the games, I want to revisit my time spent living in London.

I would need more than 300 words to truly describe what makes London so great.  From its historical architecture to its futuristic fashion, it is a city worth visiting .You can be strolling down Brick Lane, a cobblestoned street built in the 15th century, while exploring the latest in British street fashion. It is a city where the past meets the future.

You can go onto any travel website and find all the best tourist spots. So, to switch it up a bit I want to give you a different perspective on how to appreciate your British adventure.

When I moved to London, the second thing I noticed, after its exquisite architecture, was the Lady Gaga inspired fashion. London’s trends were a combination of its late 20th century subcultures, such as Punks, Mods, and Rude Boys, with modern pop culture and topped off with the class of traditional aristocratic garb.

So, to make sure none of you leave London without one unique British garment, here is a list of must-stop shops.

Oxford Street

From Top Shop to lingerie boutiques to top designer shops, there is something for everyone on Oxford Street in central London.

Brick Lane

Brick Lane  in Shoreditch is filled with alternative trendy stores, vintage shops, and delicious Indian food. Find one-of-a-kind designer and vintage wear and then treat yourself to Aladin, the ‘Worlds Best Curry House.” They also allow you to BYOA (bring your own alcohol) which is great on a budget!

Portobello Market

If you are looking for an on-trend vintage fur coat Portobello Market in Notting Hill is the place to be! You will find unique accessories in the main market. Then, travel back to 1960s, 70s, and 80s London at the vintage market. Indulge in a culinary adventure! The market is filled with everything from crepes to fresh produce to gourmet vegetarian to Gyros and more!


-Emily Freeman

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