Wondering how celebrities get such toned legs? If you’re like me, using weight machines can make you feel like you’re bulking up your legs instead of toning them. Well, it’s your lucky day! I have a solution that will tone your stems in no time. You will be ready for mini-skirts, heels, shorts, and swimsuits right in time for spring if you follow this routine. My great replacement for weight machines is Pilates, which lengthens and strengthens your legs. It creates the elongated look many women prefer rather than bulkiness from weight lifting.

pilatesI know that you’re thinking “Pilates classes?” and seeing dollar signs in your mind’s eye, but it does not have to be that way. This kind of fitness can be easy and cheap. These exercises are so simple that all you need is a mat or carpeting. That expense is not much if you consider the benefits you will see! If the leg exercises become too easy or you are ready for more of a challenge, you can add ankle weights.

I do my Pilates leg lifts and abdominal exercises on a mat while watching my favorite TV programs. Literally all it takes is fifteen minutes of dedication three times a week. You can easily squeeze it into your schedule if you want to see a change, and if you’re watching your TV the time FLIES by. After two weeks of these exercises, I am no longer afraid of shorts season this year! Instructions for exercises can be found here:

Pilates Excercises

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