Are you into fashion? Have you traveled everywhere in search of an impressive shopping destination? Well, here is a stop that you may not have previously thought of—Dallas, Texas.

dallas skylineThere are numerous reasons why Dallas is a great place to visit, though I do not recommend visiting in July or August, the hottest months of the year. Those months are definitely not for the faint of heart. However, that said, places are extremely well air-conditioned. So, the only time you’ll be hot is walking to your car. People are often under the impression that Dallas is full of Mary Kay makeup, big hair, and horses. There is plenty of that, but Dallas is just as fashion-forward as Los Angeles and home to some famous restaurants (and drinks) too.

The malls that are most impressive are North Park and The Galleria. North Park has at least 100 stores, from American Apparel to Zales Jewelers. There are fountains, a play place for children, restaurants, and even a movie theater. No one could get bored here, and there is definitely something for everyone.

There is more shopping and a plethora of delicious restaurants in the Knox-Henderson neighborhood. Try restaurants Abacus, Hibiscus, or La Duni if you want to sample some of the best there is to eat in Dallas.

After dinner on Knox-Henderson, nightlife awaits you around that area- Capitol Pub and The Barley House are always good choices, or you can navigate your way to Uptown. Uptown is an area that is flanked by bars, Mexican restaurants, shopping, and apartments. If you want the strongest drink in town, stop here at The Loon.

The following day, you will need to cure your inevitable hangover with the strongest margarita in Dallas, the Mambo Taxi at Mi Cocina. Also nibble on their Tex-Mex treats; surely that will cure you. Then you can return to shopping and browsing mansion-filled neighborhoods like Highland Park and Turtle Creek.

If you get stuck in the DFW airport awaiting your flight out, hit up Terminal D for more margaritas, restaurants, and things to occupy your time. Happy shopping!

North Park Center

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