You don’t have to wait six weeks to lose 10 pounds. Choose your perfect summer dress with these simple style tips from Oprah and look 10 pounds slimmer instantly!

The Right Stripes

Choose a dress with flattering vertical lines! A pleated skirt and a belted empire-waist sun dress draws attention away from hips and accentuates the smallest part of your waist.


A dress with ruching around your middle smoothes out any lumps and bumps. Even better is a ruched dress with a v-neck. This will elongate your collarbone, making you look taller.

Strategic Patterns

Look for a dress or blouse where the pattern is denser near your waist and then dwindles up towards the neck and hips. Try some polka dots! They are a hot trend this summer. The same concept can also be applied to colors. Try on a dress that has the darkest shade of color near the waist and then lightens towards the neck and hemline.

Wrap It Up

Look for dresses that completely wrap around your waist. The most flattering type of wrap dress is one that stays closed all day! A high ruched waistline will cinch your middle and cap or three quarter length sleeves will be most flattering.

Body Con Dress

Yes, a form fitting dress can actually hide your trouble spots! Tight dresses made from cotton-poly-Spandex will suck and smooth all your trouble spots and expose all your sexy lady curves. A dress that has dark, solid side panels along your sides also creates the illusion of a smaller waist and hips.


-Emily Freeman

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