Markets and coupons go together like the very peas and carrots you find in their produce aisles, but coupon clipping went out of style a while ago.

Most markets replaced the paper trail with customer loyalty rewards programs.  They are free, simple, and don’t require you to remember that little envelope or paper-clipped stack of coupons.

But Vons recently upped the ante and introduced Just for U.  It’s coupon 2.0—digitized and every week they offer new savings.  You need a Vons Club Card to start, and if you’ve been a member for a while, the store has been tracking what you buy and where.   This helped them best stock individual stores, but now that information is going to be working for you.

The Just For U program offers: digital coupons, personalized deals, and it sends you notices on things you buy that are currently on sale, known as club specials.    It’s a way to maximize your savings; they say you save an estimated 10-20% on groceries before you even enter the store.

For Digital Coupons, you load your choices onto your Vons Club Card before you shop and the savings are taken at checkout.

Personalized Deals are just that—personalized prices and deals based on what you shop for.  That means that everyone gets a little different deal, depending on what you buy most.   This is the section that can really make a difference.

Club Savings are the deals offered in the store.  Just for U organizes it online, so that you can the items you buy most often.  If you’re into making grocery lists, this section is great for that.

They even have a mobile app for your iPhone or Android phone, so you can do it on the go.

Visit the VONS website and register to get started today!

-Arianna Schioldager

One thought on “Just For You

  1. Von’s has a great idea! Wish we had a Von’s in the area!!! I do Pray that Super 1 Foods, Safeway, Albertson’s and Victor Merc catch on to the idea!

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