13531088_mlIf you’re part of the non-tech nerd general public, the Bill Gates look never really worked. (Neither did that pocket protector.) And even if you do happen to hang in Silicon Valley, there’s no reason to stage five cling to your four-eye status.

It’s been about 120 years since a German ophthalmologist constructed and fit the first successful contact lens. The initial lenses were made of glass, but now contact lenses are made of much more forgiving materials, and available for any vision need. Which means, you no longer have an excuse. We aren’t saying glasses aren’t chic. There are some seriously styling pairs out there. But there’s a time and a place for everything. And sometimes it’s just more practical to pop in a pair of contact lenses.

When Opportunity Knocks, Sometimes It’s Not Enough to Just Hear It 

Picture this. You’re near-sighted. You’re sitting at lunch, enjoying a meal with your best friend. Your totally sophisticated specs are laid casually on the table next to you. You don’t need them at the moment. Your friend is five feet from your face. But across the room, the potential love of your life is trying to catch your eye. Except he’s a total blur to you. And in the blink of one blurry eye, love is on his way out the door, and you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your dog. If you were wearing contacts, this never would have happened. See you aren’t unlucky in love. You’re just blind to it. But there is a really simple solution: A contact lens so simple to use, you have no reason to hold onto those old glasses.

Alcon Dailies (lenses you change daily) moisturize with every blink, right up to the end of your day. No other brand of contact lens has this ability. Which means, if you’re wearing Alcon Dailies your vision will never be the reason you miss a major opportunity.

Plus, Alcon Dailies might even help create opportunity, by saving you time with their EyeFile System. Don’t waste more time than needed managing your eye care. With EyeFile you can: get reminders for ordering lenses, manage your appointments, and find eye doctors near you.

Day and Night, Night and Day. Lenses So Good You Can Sleep in Them

Let’s say you already converted to contacts, but you’re known to doze in the middle of a good book, or 9 episodes into a Netflix binge session.

Or maybe still, you work an on-call job that requires you to jump up at get at ‘em at any hour of the night. 120 years ago it would have been totally impossible to sleep in those glass lenses. And sleeping in lenses that approved for overnight can cause discomfort, blurred vision, or other more serious and potentially damaging issues.

But today, AIR OPTIX® NIGHT & DAY® AQUA  contact lenses are FDA-approved for daily wear and up to 30 nights of continuous wear. So whether you simply don’t want to worry about falling asleep in your lenses, or whether you don’t want to worry about popping them in when you’re in a hurry, treat yourself to stress-free sleep. These are contact lenses most recommended by eye care professionals for patients who sleep overnight in their contact lenses.

187 thoughts on “Lose the Glasses, Gain the Advantage

  1. My bff works for an optometrist, these are the only ones she recommends. They’re the best & most comfortable!

  2. I wear contacts regularly. My last pair I threw away in October :( I’ve been wearing my glasses ever since & I’m ready for contacts again

  3. I use to weatlr contact but went back to glasses….I am contemplating this change now though

  4. I used to wear semi hard contact lenses by Bausch and Lomb ( Optima ) but would develop red eyes. I am looking for something which would suit my eyes. ( My power is minus 6 )

  5. As I said before. It’s been over twenty years since I’ve worn contact lenses. I’d love to try newer technology!

  6. age or lighting have hard time i think because computer and casino and fact im 47 so i see great most of time

  7. Absolutely need to try these my life is hell with the glasses and contacts I have now.PLEASE,PLEASE.PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Wore contacts all my life, decided to give my eyes a rest &im ready to have my contacts back

  9. Would very much like to try them. I have been in&out of contacts for 13yrs. I would definitely put emerge test:)

  10. I would love to be able to try these. I have been wearing contacts for over twenty years now!!!

  11. I would like to give these a try, the only reason I don’t wear the ones I have so much is because they irritate my eyes.

  12. I have a astigmatism, wear single bifocal glasses. I am looking for a change. I am also looking for a price on contact lenses for one year, please.

  13. I would love to be able to try these. I have been wearing contacts for over twenty years now!!!

  14. Yes… I would love to try these lenses… I actually sewn the commercial and was waiting for it until now :)!!!!!

  15. I wore contacts years ago and then was unable to afford the products that it took to care for them .I was one who was not going to take a chance with her eyes and wear them dirty. I would love to try these . They sound wonderful. I read all of the reviews and I found not even one that had anything negative to say about them. I have worn glasses all of my life and I enjoyed the contacts so I would be eager to try yours.

  16. I would like to try these my eyeglasses rx is of right -sph -2.5 cyl -1.75 axis 169. Left is sph -3.0 cyl -2.25 axis 166. PD is 62

  17. as a new mom to a son who likes to always play with my glasses it would be a huge gift to me to try them for free

  18. interesting article…I fall asleep in my contacts more often than I like and might actually try some actually made to sleep in.

  19. Sounds great to me….can’t wait to try them. I am so tired of not seeing
    properly whether reading or driving.

  20. I have always wanted to try contact’s but never got around to checking in to getting them.but after reading this I’m going to see about getting a pair.

  21. Hi Tamy,

    In the last paragraph, there’s a sentence that reads: “But today, AIR OPTIX® NIGHT & DAY® AQUA contact lenses are FDA-approved for daily wear and up to 30 nights of continuous wear.” If you click on AIR OPTIX® NIGHT & DAY® AQUA, it’ll take you to a page with an offer for those contacts.

    There’s another sentence a little bit further up that reads: “Alcon Dailies (lenses you change daily) moisturize with every blink, right up to the end of your day.” Clicking on Alcon Dailies will take you to an offer page for those contacts. Hope this helps.


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