Plaid Shirt With Leather Blazer and Red Clutch
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It’s the changing of the seasons once again and with the onset of fall comes some new trends in print… particularly plaid. Now we’ve seen this around in different incarnations for years right, but now we’re crossing over from strictly Scottish or mega 90s grunge to something that’s really wearable in a lot of different ways. Keep your pops of plaid modern with sleek wardrobe accompaniments and hip accessories. Here are some key pieces that anyone can fit into their fall wardrobe.

This high-waisted Coincidence & Chance pleated skirt for $49 from Urban Outfitters can go from schoolgirl to all grown up if paired with a fitted tank and a leather jacket to keep it a little edgy.

Instead of getting another plain neutral coat this year, invest in a trench or long tweed coat like this Harvey Faircloth one from Shopbop ($545). The print is still basic enough that it can go with half your wardrobe but fun enough to be the center of attention if you want it to be.

If just a pop of plaid is more your thing, try these graphic plaid tights by Pretty Polly. For $25, you get an accessory that does double duty in keeping you warm. Wear them with a shift dress for work or a mini skirt and combat boots for the weekend.

And then for the one plaid piece that everyone should own, the flannel shirt. It’s one of those things that not only isn’t an embarrassment to tie around your waist but also actually makes a fashion statement. Plus it’s there if you get cold. Pair it with a comfy tee and skinny jeans for the movies or wear it unbuttoned with a black maxi dress for an evening drink. This versatile one in classic red from Nasty Gal ($42) will fulfill your flannel needs and have you looking more than chic.

By: Kate Ferguson

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