ws-madmen-articleWith Mad Men’s popularity and its fourth season premiere, here comes the return of some classic 1960’s fashion. The three main characters are different as possible. Betty Draper is fashionable, Grace Kelly-ish, usually in fitted dresses. Betty wears lots of white, lots of big skirts, and tons of florals. She often wears headbands, gloves, and fitted trench coats as well. Joan wears jewel tones that fit with her pale skin and red hair, and her clothes hug her curves and emphasize her hourglass figure. She often wears solid colored dresses with cinched waists. Peggy appears almost frumpier to me, but she still has her own style going on that works for her hard-working persona. She dons a lot of plaid, polka dots, ties at the neck, and vests. A blouse with a neck tie and pencil skirt seems totally her style. Their costume designer, Janie Bryant, recommends pencil skirts and focusing on highlighting tiny waists. To accessorize, follow the pattern of the show- broaches, pearls, and pumps all pair perfectly with these outfits. With all the notoriety Janie Bryant’s received, she’s even designing a line called Janie Bryant Mod for the fall with QVC! Then you can dress like Betty, Joan, and Peggy even more easily than searching for clothes in their style!

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