I love statement jewelry.  The kind that people stop, notice and have to know where you got it.  For the last week, I cannot bear leaving the house without one of my fantastic pieces from hot up-and-coming jewelry designer Michaela Moryskova for her jewelry line Skova Design.  This stunning former model creates original, delicious pieces that are truly my new obsession – even causing envy amongst my friends in the jewelry industry.  A true rarity.

Each piece of 22-karat gold jewelry is a statement and story all rolled into one.  Many of Michaela’s pieces are based on photographs that the former model took while traveling the world.  Her spectacular cuffs, cocktail rings and necklaces are amazing works of art that have already caught the eyes of Hollywood, as Skova pieces are being sported around Tinseltown by countless heavy hitting trendsetters including Demi Moore and Pink.

Each Skova piece is designed and handmade in the United States.  As a personal added touch, each piece comes inset with a small sapphire that Michaela says, “removes any negative energy and replenishes the user with positive energy.”  And come on, which of us can’t use a little more positive energy in our life?  I just love this spiritual element, it really does add a special touch of whimsy that speaks to the incredible vision for the brand that Michaela has.

This young, talented, creative jewelry visionary thinks outside of the box and because of this, her pieces are a creative revelation and when you put on any single piece, you want to purchase the entire collection then and there.  However, if this splurge is out of the question and I had to pick just one piece of jewelry to be my go-to piece this fall, it would be one of her fantastic cocktairingl rings.  Her gorgeous bird ring, named Free Spirit, with red Swarovski crystals and a new snake ring that I got a sneak peak at is worn intertwined between multiple fingers.  Both of these rings are something that I have never seen before and actually will take your breath away.

Go ahead jewelry lovers, purchase a new statement piece at that your friends will try to pry out of your hands … but, don’t let them!      SkovaDesign.com

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