If you’re like me, you’re constantly trying to come up with new ways of using that wonderful turkey you spent hours cooking for Thanksgiving.  The kids get sick of the same Turkey Sandwich we’ve been making them for years on “Black Friday.”  I came across this gem from Pillsbury while trolling the General Mills site the other day.

pillsburyThere are 2 reasons why I love this recipe…..and the truth is that I actually tried making this last week before writing this article……I figured I couldn’t act like an expert without first giving it a shot.  The pot pie came out great, nice and flakey…..I actually used chicken because I didn’t have time to cook a big turkey…I substituted it with chicken breast which I quickly grilled and shredded.   It came out great, and the kids loved it.  I love opening them up to new and varied types of food rather then giving them a rotation of the same meals week after week. 

A great way to shake things up in your home in terms of cooking new meals, and allowing your children’s palate to expand is to start with “special meals” or holiday themed meals.  Instead of whipping up the same Thanksgiving leftovers meal that you’ve been cooking them for years……jump online, find something new, and spice things up this season.  The folks at Pillsbury have come up with a great Turkey Pot Pie recipe (and it’s really simple!)….. I hope your family enjoys it as much as mine did……

Pillsbury Turkey Pot Pie

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