If you’re like me, you may be finding that your budget is not quite big enough for your spring wardrobe wish list. I tend to go crazy on buying clothes and then find my accessory box filled with out-dated jewelry and belts. Sometimes, accessorizing is just too darn expensive and the cheap stuff looks, well, cheap.

Thanks to Martha Stewart, my jewelry box will be up to date and my bank account will be healthy with these home-made jewelry ideas.

Better yet, have a jewelry making party with your girlfriends!

Chic Links Bracelets or Necklaces


2 jump rings (for each end of the bracelet, necklace, or belt)

A length of chain

A spring clasp or toggle

Snap needle-nose pliers

(Most of these materials can be found at your local arts and crafts or beads shop. Or you can try websites such as http://beadsbysandy.com)


  1. Pry open jump rings and slide them over the end links. Close one.
  2. Slide clasp on the other and close ring.

Chic Links Belt


  1. Cut chain so it wraps around your lower waist twice. Attach an S-hook clasp to the right end.
  2.  Holding the left end at your left hip bone, wrap the chain, mark the spot where it meets, and attach a jump ring.
  3. Mark a spot at your right hip; make a swag with the chain and attach it with a jump ring to that spot. Drape back with the remaining chain, and loop the S-hook clasp through the left-hand jump ring and a link in the chain to close the belt.


Ribbon-Gem Statement Necklace


Martha Stewart Necklace Template

Assorted glass gems


Ultrasuede or felt

Pencil or disappearing-ink marker

Fabric glue

Ribbon in desired color

Invisible thread (optional)


1. Download and print bib necklace template. Trace and cut necklace shape from two pieces of Ultrasuede or felt.

2. Arrange gems on fabric foundation, starting at center and working out.

3. Carefully coat back of each gem with glue and adhere to fabric. Let dry.

4. Cut ribbon into two equal-length pieces, keeping in mind that these pieces will determine the length of your necklace. Glue ribbons to each end of fabric for ties. Let dry.

5. If desired, turn necklace over and use invisible thread to anchor the gems. Coat second cut piece of Ultrasuede or felt with thin layer of glue and cover back of necklace, hiding the thread.

6. Using sharp scissors, carefully cut away extra fabric.


-Emily Freeman


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