My kids love to create art. We color and paint each and every single day. Like many moms, I love to keep their drawings, and display them. I know that I can’t keep them all up at once, but i have come up with some fun ways to display their masterpieces while keeping my fridge operational and not breaking from the weight of glue and paper.

My first solution was a regular 8×10 frame hanging on the wall that I changed the artwork out on regularly. This is great because it’s framed and really special. My kids totally got a kick out of seeing their work displayed along with all of my photos. I have one for each kid on my gallery wall. My biggest complaint about this is that it is a hassle to change out the pictures. The kids want to change out their framed works daily. It got a little crazy. So I save those frames for the pieces that I think are special.

For their everyday creations, we found some old frames at good will with missing or broken glass. Each frame got itself a coat or two of spray paint in order to clean them up. I removed the backs of the frames so all I was left with was an empty frame. Then we hung them on the wall by our art station area. I used command hooks so that they would be good and stable, even if little ones bumped them. Plus, we hung them down low where the kids could each reach them. If the frames got knocked down, I didn’t want any nails exposed. Inside of our newly hung frames you can see the painted wall behind it. My husband screwed some binder clips directly into the wall. You know the kind, the metal jobbies that can hold large stacks of paper at a time?

Now we have a neat area that my kids can display their creations that cater to my need for cleanliness. The best part is that they are capable of changing out the paper themselves, and therefore make their own decisions as to what is hung up.

-Stephanie Wright

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