Do you find yourself loading up your breakfast, lunch, or dinner plate and yet still opening the fridge half an hour later for a post-meal snack? Are you even hungry when this urge arises? The answer could be yes on some abnormal days. But, most likely it is not real hunger and instead, you have become culprit to mindless eating. Do not fret. You are not alone and there are ways to stop the habit!

Try these remedies:

Yoga: Regular yoga practice increases your overall body awareness. If you are more in tune with your body and its tendencies, signals, urges, and necessities you will be able to recognize real hunger from fake, munchy hunger. You will have an easier time pinpointing when your body is really craving sustenance and when you may be going to the cabinet out of boredom, anxiety, depression, and/ or excitement,
etc. Really get to know yourself. Do you compulsively eat in the morning when you are still drowsy, in the afternoon while trying to meet a deadline, or at night when you start to feel lonely or anxious about the next day’s activities? Yoga will help you identify these triggers and avoid weight gain!

Sit down: No ifs, ands, or buts about this one! Every time, I mean every time you eat put it on a plate or in a bowl and SIT DOWN! And, no, sitting while driving doesn’t count. Look at your food before you eat it, appreciate the colors and smell. People who make eating a multi-sensory experience tend to feel more satisfied after a meal. If you are eating while multi-tasking you probably won’t be able to recall any of the details of your food so of course you are going to want more. Stop eating while driving, walking, taking a phone call, and so forth and you will see a difference in your eating habits.

Turn off the TV: I know you have heard it a million times before, but turning off the TV while eating is essential to feeling satisfied. If you are watching your favorite sitcom or sports team there is no way you are fully paying attention to your food. This will not only leave you unsatisfied, but it will make eating while watching TV a regular habit. Ultimately, people who chow down while watching television tend to eat 31-74% more calories!


-Emily Freeman

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