I fully believe that motherhood is making me crazy. The constant movement of being a parent, combined with the demand of making sure everyone has what they need has officially made me lose my mind.

The other day I went to go make my son a bottle.  I scooped in three scoops of formula, only to look down and realize I was actually scooping formula into his bottle.  Later that same day I made a bottle for my three month old and grabbed a cup with milk for my five year old.  Handed my five year old the bottle and then spilled the cup on my three year old.

We hired a babysitter and decided that I needed some time out of the house.  After saying good bye to the kids for the night and getting in the car I actually said, “Hold on tight! It’s time to go bye-bye!  Vrooom!”  Thankfully my husband didn’t realize I was serious and not trying to be hilarious.  Twice I have left the house without my shoes, three times without diapers for the kids.  At least five times I’ve left not realizing I’m still wearing my pajamas.

Now that I am a parent and I find myself doing all these crazy things, it’s hard to get too upset at my mom for taking me to school with her curlers still in.  If you are like me, and see yourself doing all sorts of random insane things never fear.  You are not alone!  All moms (even those who seem perfect) have moments of insanity.  I promise you they do!

The good news is that there is a cure to this momentary mommy madness!  The prescription?  A good nights sleep.  Repeat as necessary.  If that doesn’t work opt for the stronger dose of a night out away from the cause of your insanity.  I hear deep breathing also works wonders if you are looking for the more holistic route.


-Stephanie Wright

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