Did you just move to a new town? Well, I did. I was really struggling to meet people, and I didn’t know what to do with myself. My friend introduced me to a website that I had never heard of, meetup.com, where there are “Meetup Groups” for almost everything under the sun! What a GENIUS idea. For example, I researched book clubs to start. There are even different kinds of book clubs- nonfiction, fiction, chick lit, all-girls, couples, coed, and there are various locations you can pick.

meet upSo, I delved into the lists and found one that fit me- a group that met in my city, read more than trashy romance, pushed me outside my comfort zone, seemed kind of young, and was coed. I know, you think it’s weird I care about a group being coed, but I just have found in life I do a little bit better in situations with all types of people and not just women.

How much do you love your dogs? Enough to join a group and share your trials and tribulations of potty training, paying for surgeries, and treating your dogs like precious kids? There are groups for that too.

There are groups that involve your self-interest, personal issues, and even your professional pursuits. There are groups that involve being new to town, being into knitting, and etc.

Check out meetup.com and find a group that peaks your interests!!


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