Though taco packets are simple to use, it is easy to ignore the labels on them. You think whatever, it’s a powder, who cares. Next time you’re ready to make tacos or burritos, think again though. Flavoring packets are absolutely loaded with sodium! In fact, 1 packet has 1190 milligrams of sodium on average. That is almost as much sodium as you should consume in a day in one meal!

tacosNext time when you are making tacos for taco night, use my recipe instead! It is a healthier and lower sodium alternative that just uses spices in your spice rack instead.

Brown one pound of ground turkey breast until there is no more pink left. Add spices instead of a packet, and it does not involve anything too crazy- just chili powder, salt, garlic powder, and onion power. Cover the meat with the powders and taste. If you need to add more, add more. Just taste test until it fits what you want.

If you want burritos, it’s really simple. To eat with your ground turkey, find some salsa, cheese, and whole-wheat tortillas. Also, you can heat up some low sodium black beans from Bush in a bowl while you are mixing in the spices.  For burritos, melt the cheese onto the tortilla in the microwave, spoon in some beans, spoon in some turkey, and add salsa. Roll up and voila! This is a great meal to make when you don’t have a lot of time or food lying around. It doesn’t take very long to brown turkey meat (probably five minutes), and seconds to melt cheese onto tortillas!

For tacos, you can shred lettuce, dice tomatoes, dice onions, and add the meat into some hard taco shells.

Enjoy your Mexican feast!

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