One of the hardest things about being a new stay at home mom is finding a social outlet.  However, finding time and other new moms can be a huge challenge.  For me I was in a new state and had few friends to start with.  Even fewer friends who were even considering starting a family. 


You don’t intend for it to happen, but your friends without kids and you will begin to distance after you have had a baby.  It is sad, but happens.  Finding support for your new life is invaluable.  It’s important to find someone you can just talk to, who doesn’t mind if you obsess over your child.  Someone who wouldn’t be completely upset if you talked about the number of times your baby spits up in an hour. 


The best solution here is to find a playgroup in your area.  They are all over the place and should include new mommies, and some mommies with slightly older kids that can share their experiences and advice with others.  There are generally two ways you can go here.  A big group such as a local MOMs club ( These groups tend to be city wide and have lots of women involved.  They plan many activities to help keep you and your child busy.  They are great groups to be involved in. 


If the high number of members is a turn off for you check out websites such as “meetup” ( The groups found here will be much smaller, intimate, and more locally centered, sometimes just by neighborhoods.  Or, you can be like me and join both.  Some of the women I met in these playgroups with my first child have become my best friends.  Never underestimate the power of a friendship with someone sharing your experiences. 


-Stephanie Wright

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