We’ve been hearing it for years now: bring your own bags to the market.  It’s almost become taboo not to, and if you make the mistake of forgetting your reusable bags at home, you often feel compelled to purchase one of those market-branded bags sitting by the register. Now, some of you probably think, I’m just putting my groceries in there, I don’t care what it looks like.  But it can be nice to have at least one bag that’s a little more pizzaz than the rest, especially when you can use for other purposes.  I’ve got one go-to large canvas tote I found online that quadruples as a market and farmer’s market tote bag, a travel carry-on, and yoga bag.  You want something sturdy, long lasting, and a little colorful. Etsy is a perfect place to look for that bag, support local and international sellers, and you’re sure to find something that matches your own unique and personal style.   You can find just about any shape, color, print or price.  Plus since many of the bags are either vintage, or made from recycled materials, you’re doing your part in more than one way to protect our environment.

Here are a few I’ve found snooping around.  I’ve got a thing for bags with birds on them.

The navy and natural colors on this hand woven tote will surely catch a few jealous looks:


You could fit just about anything in this vintage oversized canvas backpack:


This find is made from recycled coffee sacks and lined with polka dots:


This one is for the birds. Guarantee you won’t ever see anyone with this bag:


An authentic, woven, brightly colored Guatemalan bag:


It’s worth the investment, plus lots of people will surely compliment your unique market style! 

-Arianna Schioldager


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