Every now and again I have a bad day.  I’m not exactly sure what causes them, but they happen.  Sometimes it’s just a challenge to make it through the day.  If you have never felt like this I commend you!  You are clearly a saint and are much better than I am.  I love my children something fierce, but some days I ask myself, “What have you gotten yourself into?”  Usually, around here these days come when I take off far more than I can chew.  Sometimes it’s just when something silly goes wrong, like when your microwave catches on fire.  Or it’s the day that you decide to do a major home improvement project and completely underestimate the mess, time, and money it will take to complete it.  Perhaps, and this is complete speculation here, your bad day is caused by both of these at the same time.  Or, maybe that was just me.  For the most part I am even tempered, but on days like these I struggle to keep my temper in check.

Here is how I cope.  I take a “Mommy Time Out.”  I get both my kids into a safe area, gate them into a safe room.  Sometimes I turn on a TV show they don’t often get the opportunity to watch, sometimes I put on music for them to dance to.  Then I go into another more quiet room and collect myself.  I take this time remind myself that I am indeed a good parent.  It serves the same purpose as a time out for the kids, it helps me to get myself under control.  I don’t need these often, but today was one of those days.  So if you too have a bad day, take a deep breath.  You are a great parent!


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