I have some of the most genius friends alive, I swear! Recently a friend and I took our daughters to the theater for a movie date. Like all kids, ours love the whole experience, the movie and the ridiculously unhealthy snacks. I can’t blame a kid though, I’m sort of a sucker for it all too.

My friend the genius however found an idea on Pinterest about making snack necklaces before heading to the theater. Each child got to make their own, and therefore chose their own snack. They loved the ability to choose for themselves. Then we all threaded the snacks onto a string. Once you are done you tie the ends together and have a super fashionable, and tasty necklace. Kids can munch on them as needed throughout the show. And you can save your money on all the candy at the concessions stands. I like that we had more than sweets on our necklaces as well.

For ours we used, Cheerios, popcorn, and red licorice for the main parts of the necklace. I cut the licorice into fairly small half inch or so pieces. We also strung on marshmallows, pretzels (both regular, chocolate, and yogurt covered) gummy candies, cheese crackers, and a few sporadic cookies. Pretty much anything with a hole for easy stringing made the cut. Popcorn is just so amazingly it could handle getting poked with a needle (a yarn darner) and threaded old school style. It kept the kids happy and well snacked throughout the entire show. But me, I still got my popcorn.

The original idea can be found here:http://blondieandbrownies.wordpress.com/2011/09/05/edible-candy-necklace/

-Stephanie Wright

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