baby namingIn addition to bringing a new life into the world that you have to care for, you have to give it a name that will last through its years of life. How the heck do you even go about settling on a name for a baby? Luckily, you have nine months to pick this out… and you can (and even should) test it out once the baby finally arrives.

Don’t name your baby girl Bertha or Apple, she will get made fun of… plus how seriously can you take someone in a professional setting named “Apple”? It’s like yeah, I sit here using my Apple computer writing this to you while Tweeting on my Apple iPhone, but this is just not a name. I’m sorry. It’s a brand.

Instead of discussing the name with your mother, brother, aunt, grandma, and cousin, pick a close friend who is honest and knows you well. Share the names you and your partner have picked out with her and see her reaction.

Repeat the name out loud to make sure it has a nice ring to it and write it down too. Make sure you like the look and sound. Trends wear out, but traditions never do- so if you’re debating between something kitschy or classic, choose classic instead.

Lastly, consult a baby naming book and family names. Something with meaning is always satisfying and long-standing, and peering at options gives you assurance that you’ve actually taken the time to research. Remember, you have lots of time to determine this name, but the name has even longer to withstand. Good luck naming your baby!

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