Now that spring has arrived, so have the rain, humidity, and the worst of all- frizzy hair. How do you combat the frizzies and the inability to keep hair luxurious? There are a few different products that I use, and hopefully they can help you out too!

The easiest and cheapest way to keep your hair straight simply is the use of a hair dryer, straightening iron, and products.

tigiIn the shower, I recommend purchasing shampoo, conditioner, and a finishing product that combat frizz. There are various products that help ranging from cheap drug store grabs to medium priced drugstore grabs to salon purchases. Something as simple as “None of Your Frizzness” by Herbal Essences will do the job. If you want something a little better, Bed Head has a moderately priced line of products called Bed Head Control Freak with multiple products to help tame your mane. Lastly, if spending isn’t an issue, Kerastase Bain Oleo Relax’s line is amazing. Their stuff is honestly the best around and worth the price. When you finish showering, blow dry and straighten your hair. Spending money on your blow dryer and straightener can be worth your time too- using ceramic products definitely helps keep your hair straight.

Another option I’m going to try soon is a Brazilian treatment called Keratin. You can receive the treatment in the salon once every three months, and it completely rids of frizz, waves, and calms curls. It cuts down the time it takes for hair to dry, and it makes hair easier to manage, shinier, and soft to the touch. My friends all seem to rave about it and say it’s practically a necessity when humidity strikes. Heck, if it cuts my drying time in half I might be groveling at their feet soon!

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