Nesting, that curious urge towards the end of a pregnancy that causes the mom-to-be to want to clean everything in sight.  It is often described as an “uncontrollable” urge.  After three pregnancies, I can attest to it being a real feeling.  Not only do I clean, but I also tend to organize things, even throw things away.  You know, like that junk drawer you have that you avoid opening in front of people.  Mine is now organized and labeled.  Baby clothes? Each have their own Rubbermaid container labeled by size.  

All that junk that was sitting in your garage with no home?  Gone.   My problem is that my nesting comes in spurts.  One day I am super productive and get tons accomplished, then the next I’m hard pressed to get out of bed.  I refuse to believe that it is uncontrollable though.  I have found that if I make lists and limit my “nesting energy” on a few tasks each day I can harness this amazing urge and get more use out of it. 

It is a once in a pregnancy opportunity, you might as well take advantage of it while you can, right?  If you are feeling totally behind and need of some guidance, check out websites like  She makes lists of things she does or cleans in each room of the house.  I have found those lists invaluable.  I don’t necessarily follow her entire cleaning regimen, but instead use them as a basic guideline that fits my life.   As far as basic cleaning goes, if you spend 15 minutes a day keeping up with it, you’ll be amazed at how well your house will stay clean!  What I wouldn’t do to have the nesting urge all the time, my life would be blissfully organized, and everything clean. 

-Stephanie Wright

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