For those of us who aren’t preternaturally blessed with an all over glow, brow-guru Anastasia- yes the one who Oprah famously flew weekly to LA for – is an icon in the beauty industry, known for enhancing famous faces and shaping perfect arches.  But Anastasia and her team of experts have concocted a brilliant solution for those of us who can’t yet charter a plane to see her.

And she’s moved beyond brows, because while a great brow can dramatically shape the face, a little highlighter, blended subtly in key areas, can really sculpt and define attributes that already exist- no pain and no plucking required!

She calls it the Highlighting Duo- a 3-in-1 Crème.  You can use it on your lips, cheeks, and for an all over glimmer.

The top half is a rosey colored crème that can be used as a lip tint or on your cheeks. The bottom is a liquid (available in Aspen and St. Tropez) and can be used on cheekbones, collarbones and temples for flawless highlighting.  Plus it packs an Antioxidant rich Balkan Botanical® Infusion, known to help soothe and soften the appearance of the skin. You can even mix it with your foundation if you want an all over natural, forget-me-not, and radiant look. 

It goes on easy, isn’t greasy or chalky, and is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, and fragrance and paraben free.

It will have many asking, what have you done to your skin? Yes, it’s that good- street-oogling, complimenting good. 

So show off your face this summer with the perfect golden ratio of Anastasia’s Highlighting Duo. And you should trust her.  The woman knows an eyebrow shapes a face, but she also knows that a little highlighting trickery can boost even the dullest skin.

The Anastasia Highlighting Creme Duo is available at Sephora.

-Arianna Schioldager

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