Now that we are a family of five, I am finding it even more important to plan our time wisely.  I’m not talking about your basic scheduling, but I’m talking about good ole quality one on one time with each of my kids.  I want to be the kind of parent who really knows my kids, I want to know them as a whole and also as individuals.

In order to do this, I need to spend time with them.  My husband and I have made it our goal to spend time with each of our kids individually throughout the week.  For 30 minutes each day one of us gets one on one time with one of the kids.  Generally we alternate from day to day.  Daddy gets our daughter for 30 one day, the next day I’ll get her for 30.  Then we move to the next kid, and then the next.  With three kids, this leaves us with nothing but family time.

We aren’t doing anything crazy, we aren’t spending a ton of money.  For example, today my two year old and I went on a walk together.  Two days ago my five year old and I holed up in my room and painted each others nails.   We are just putting in whatever effort we can to make sure the kids know we love them and think they are special, which they are to us.

Now, my family has a really flexible schedule so I can understand if you think it’s impossible to commit to that much time.  Or maybe you are super mom and can devote even more time!  It has been so fun for us though, listening to them chatter about all the things that they do throughout the day, and their random thoughts, things they are curious about, it’s just amazing the things that I have learned about my kids!


-Stephanie Wright

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