It may only be November, but we are already pinning away and brainstorming ideas for our annual holiday movie night party. Similar to our Halloween party, each year we invite some friends over to enjoy a campy holiday movie and some winter themed treats as we celebrate together before everyone runs off to their families for the season.
Last year, we watched Rare Exports and enjoyed a bunch of themed treats, and this year I definitely want to take it up a notch by trying some things I’ve never done before.
One treat we always love to make are chocolate covered Oreos. They are a simple addition to any dessert table, but people always go nuts for them. So this year, instead of just dipping them and tossing them on a plate, we’re thinking of turning them into pops and giving them out as a party favor!
Here are a few ideas:
1) Traditional – Dip the Oreo in white chocolate, and lightly sprinkle blue melting chocolate on top. Simply take your fork, dip it into the blue chocolate (we suggest thinning it out with Crisco or something similar), hold it about an inch away from the already dipped Oreo, and swing the fork back and forth to create lines across your creation.
2) Snow Man Face – Take your already dipped in white chocolate Oreo and add some mini chocolate chips as the face. Two for the eyes, and maybe five or six as the smiling mouth. Use a candy corn for the nose.
3) Full Snow Man – Want to get crazy with it? Add TWO Oreo cookies to the stick, dip BOTH in white chocolate. Let it dry for a moment. Add your snow man face, but also add some buttons down the front. Mini M&Ms would work great for this!
Here is a quick tutorial for proper adding of Oreos to sticks.
Hope you enjoy!

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