Oh the grocery store…some of us just love it and some hate it.  It’s not such a bad place to go, but it just takes up so much time (I myself have devised a system for food shopping and get it done in less than 45 minutes- my system is that I only allow myself that amount of time!).  Most of us are hard working, busy people with jobs and families to take care of daily, and because of this the grocery store is our least desired place.  It is a VERY rare occasion, but in a pinch I will order Vons.com or Yummy.com.  The only problem is that they don’t really have all of the organic foods and goodies that I keep my house stocked with.

With all of these very same thoughts of busy schedules and timing in mind, the company Spud. was devised.  Spud is an organic grocer that delivers to your door.  S.P.U.D.- standing for Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery- has recently undergone a management overhaul and I have to say I like very much where they are heading.

While the company has been around since 1997, their customers have spoken and their voices have been heard, hence the reasons for the changes.  According to Spud CEO Peter van Stolk, The focus of Spud has shifted towards improving every aspect of service including overall quality, variety, locality and convenience. Spud doesn’t want to take away from the farmer’s market experience; they simply want to augment it during the busiest part of the week (Monday- Friday).

I had the pleasure to tour the Los Angeles facility recently, and was so pleasantly surprised by the quality of their meats and produce, down to the way the food is stored.  One of the things that I love, is that Spud has all of the same buying standards as Whole Foods.  I have been a WF shopper for so long now, their standards and I have become one and the same.  You won’t find anything artificial or ANY High Fructose Corn Syrup in any product.  All of their products are from local grocers and companies, keeping the local frame of mind.  One of their many beliefs is to make sure they only buy local and sustainable and support all local businesses and farmers.

Currently Spud has locations in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Calgary and Victoria.   In Los Angeles, the delivery ranges from Chatsworth to San Diego, and from Clarement to Yorba Linda (delivery to certain areas are designated to specific days of the week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). In order to assure that you and your family are receiving the freshest ingredients possible, all orders require a 1-2 day advance.  It is with these standards that S.P.U.D assures that no products go to waste and only the necessary amount is needed, another point from me for being so concious!

To find more about Spud or to see if they deliver to your area, please visit http://www.spud.com/.

-Jessica Brown

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