Ever wonder what your husband and now newly dubbed new dad is thinking?  Well, I can’t help you with the exact thoughts, but after asking all the dads that I have come in contact with, here are their top fears and worries about becoming dads.  

The most common fear is that they won’t be able to take care of their new family.  Financially they are concerned about providing for you and your new baby.  How could they not?  The cost of baby items is daunting, not to mention all the articles you read about the cost of a college education.  It’s enough to make anyone queasy.

New dads tend to worry about losing their wives.  Not literally losing them, but they fear that their wives will change into this new mommy robot and not be the same woman they married.  One good way to alleviate this fear?  Date night!  Leave the baby with a sitter and focus on your spouse!  Next on our list of worries; dads are concerned about not being able to do anything during labor, funnier yet, that they will faint.  If your spouse is worried, tell him he doesn’t have to look, but he does have to be there.  He’ll be fine. 

And the last thing all the dads around me worried about, was whether or not they would be good fathers.  The way I see it, just being worried about it guarantees that they will be just fine.  We moms tend to worry about that too, it’s just as new for us as it is for them.  So, just be patient with your worried man.  He might need a little baby-ing before the big delivery day gets here.  That’s okay; it’s great practice for us moms. 

-Stephanie Wright

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