Paper plate ping pong, who doesn’t just get excited hearing about that? Especially with that artfully amazing alliteration? (Somebody stop me!). We have been enjoying, read that enduring some record breaking hot temperatures around here. It has been well over the hundred degree mark for about a week, and honestly we are wilting! You know it’s bad when your kids would rather stay inside than go to the pool.

The problem is that when they are here inside, all they want to do is watch TV.  I simply cannot give in to that. Especially this early in the summer. This is how paper plate ping pong was born.

Each child is given a paper plate that they are to decorate. We used crayons and stickers. Then we glue, tape, or staple (depending on what you have available) a Popsicle stick, or chopstick, or regular old stick from the garden to the back of the plate. Essentially creating a paddle. Blow up a balloon or two, then get the game started! At first we had elaborate rules, and a makeshift net (the couch). But after a while it just turned into an old fashioned knock the heck out of the balloon game. I was okay with that. Everyone was up and moving, and having fun. It was almost too good to be true in this scorching heat. The best part is that it is virtually impossible for the to break anything. So far so good anyway!


-Stephanie Wright

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