Planning a Disney vacation seems to be something that everyone I know with kids plans to do at one point or another.  Having grown up in southern California, I went to Disneyland often.  I even worked there for a while.  But now that I’ve grown up and moved away, going back seems to be something special.  After all this time of taking it for granted I get to take my kids back to share in the magic that I grew up with.

Planning your vacation really shouldn’t be a chore.  Lot of people think that it’s too much work to really find the best deals and plan the whole deal.  It’s not honestly that bad though, and things cost less than I imagined they did.  Your first step is to go to the Disney websites.  Check out what offers they have.  This will give you a basic idea on the cost.  The good news is that is your starting point, and you might very well be able to get your trip for less.  Check out websites like for up to date discounts on everything mouse related.  They do a great job on finding the details of the discounts for you and put them all in one place.

If you are planning a whole vacation package type of trip consider getting in touch with a Disney authorized travel agent.  My personal favorite is  Their agents are super nice, and knowledgeable.  It’s their personal job to find you the best way to save a dollar or two.  There is never any charge for their services so you don’t have to worry about that.  Don’t get me wrong, it will still cost you some green to get there, but if you shop smart, and plan ahead every penny will be worth it.  As for us, I can’t wait to go.

We are all booked up and ready to fly!

-Stephanie Wright

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