Last year I followed the trend of everyone else and made myself a wreath made of Christmas ornaments. I love it, and it pops on my door. Every time I drive up I smile inside. This year, to add a bit more bling I decided to add some more ornaments around my porch. Thankfully I have boxes full of bulb ornaments that I am not using on my tree.

This was a quick and easy project. I had some inexpensive fishing line just begging to be used for a craft, so I started tying the bulbs on. I did not measure, or try to make any type of pattern. Each strand was about three to four feet in length. On some I tied three, and others as many as five.

I took each strand outside and attached them to the sides of my covered porch.  For the front, I made strands that were much shorter, to ensure that no one bangs their heads on my Christmas swag.  I imagine once I get my Christmas lights hung they will add just the right amount of sparkle.

I love this look so much, I think that next year I will make the strands on the sides of my porch go floor to ceiling. Almost like a curtain of ornaments when you come and knock on my door.

-Stephanie Wright

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