We all have at least one “he” in our lives, and the truth is–though they’d never admit it–  the the men in our lives are hard to shop for.  So if you find yourself stuck, here are a few wonderful and (mostly) inexpensive presents that work for almost all men.

He may not be a captain on the high seas, but just about every guy has once dreamed of setting sail and seeing the word.  While it may not be realistic at this point in his life, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a bit of that fantasy to him with  vintage nautical flags that he can hang anywhere he’d like.

Baxter of California make wonderful grooming products for men. Whether he wakes up and shaves every morning for work, or a clean shave happens once every blue moon, he still needs a product that loves his face just as much as you do.  Their After Shave Balm is a therapeutic moisturizing treatment formulated to soothe and protect skin.

No one likes being cold—especially not grandpa. A beautiful alpaca blanket, made of the 100% extra fine baby alpaca wool in Lima, Peru, is a hand loomed an accessory that could make anywhere feel like home. It’s the perfect addition to any bed, or any trip—where he will most certainly need a nomad journal.

Weck glassware. If the guy in your life likes to cook, Weck makes some of the best glass kitchen storage out there. It’s clean and simple is great looking in the kitchen. The sets range in size from spice & herb (maybe he likes to combine his own spices for the grill) to leftovers (his eyes are always bigger than his stomach).

And because he’s the man of someone’s house, what guy shouldn’t have a Handyman in his pocket?

-Arianna Schioldager

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