So you made it. The holidays are over. The presents are all opened, and the wrapping paper has lovingly been recycled or repurposed (right!?), but there’s still someone snoring in your guest bedroom, and unfortunately it’s not Santa or his little elves. It’s the in-laws. They’re in town for a few more days– maybe even staying through the New Year. So what’s a host to do with a house full of family and the excitement of the season nearly over?


There are plenty of people and families in need this year, and nothing will bring yours closer, or occupy your time in a more productive way than a little do-gooding.

Ice Skate

Sure it’s a bit cheesy, but in almost every town there’s a rink that stays open into 2013. An afternoon of ice-skating gives you a joint activity, but also the opportunity to break away.

The Arcade

Here’s the thing, people love reliving their youth, so a game of frogger or skeeball can help them talk a walk down memory lane– and the kids will love it too. It’s the modern equivalent to breaking out a board game. Speaking of… who has a good old- fashioned rousing game of monopoly anymore? Go for it. Or bust out the Scrabble or the Banagrams.


Depending on where you live (and how much you want to bundle– west coasters have no worry here) a picnic can be relaxing, easy, and a fully day adventure. Plus if the in-laws are older, this is a low-impact activity.

Technological Update

If you are recently married, chances are you were born in the 80’s. That means– lots of old VHS tapes, which means you could spend some meaningful time converting those tapes to DVD’s that everyone can enjoy on that high-def you just got for x-mas.


-Arianna Schioldager

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