You’re looking to be the belle of the ball.  You want to look special, be memorable, and not spend an arm, a leg, and your bonus. So, here’s how you get creative, find the perfect dress for you without the worry that you’ll blush the same red as your gown when you spot three other gals in it.

Shop Your Closet

You know that dress you found for 6 dollars, promised to altered, but never did… I’d be willing to bet that everyone has a dress in their closet along these lines, and one that they’ve never worn. If you haven’t yet given it away in a ‘spring’ cleaning surge, now is the time to get it altered.  No one will have it, and now you have an excuse to spend the funds on alterations.  And in the same spirit: Go Vintage/Thrifting. There are so many spots and dresses that are waiting to be made into your custom NYE dress.

Shop Online Sales  

We make a big fuss about this season and that, but honestly if you take a look back at fashion magazines and trends, they don’t change that much. If a dress is well- fitted and just what you’re looking for, why not score a deal? A store like Asos has such a wide array of product (there are over 4 thousand searchable on sale dresses) that if you can definitely find something you (and someone else might…) love.

Skip the Dress and go Monochromatic

Entirely. Dressing like lady means you can wear whatever you want. Picking one color for you top and bottom can be incredibly striking. Pair a red pant and a red top (opt for a nude shoe) and a red lip, and you can’t be missed.

And if all else fails, throw on a black dress, some false lashes and a red lip, grab a kazoo and have the time of your life.


-Arianna Schioldager

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