It seems unfair that with all pregnant women have to deal with, they also get unbelievably gaseous.  I’m constantly reading about ways to make myself feel beautiful while pregnant, but I tell you changing my hair style, and properly dressing my bump can all be pointless efforts if I’m constantly tooting.  Before pregnancy, I never knew that being gassy could hurt.  Now I know all the joys. 

I’m told that pregnancy gasses are most likely caused by your digestive system slowing down.  Your digestive system slows so it can get every single nutrient out of your food possible, in layman’s terms anyway.  So how can you survive another day of tummy wrenching gas?  Easy.  Well, maybe not easy, and maybe not completely gas free, but how about having at least a more comfortable state of gassiness?  That’s easy. 

First consider your diet.  Carbonated drinks, and bubble gum can for sure add to your gassiness.  Drinking in huge gulps can also be a culprit.  This is usually my problem, I get thirsty and I guzzle- apparently that’s bad.  Eating smaller, more frequent meals can also help.  That’s something said to help with morning sickness too.  My OB suggested that I not have any fluids while eating a meal.  I’m not sure why that is supposed to work, but I’m sure my OB knows a little something about it. 

I have found, when I am feeling extremely bloated and gassy that a brisk walk can help get things moving.  If all of this doesn’t work for you sit down and have a talk with your OB.  There could be some over the counter gas products you can take if you are feeling extremely uncomfortable.  Or, you can just get really sly about blaming the dog.  Maybe even your husband. 

-Stephanie Wright

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