Spring is officially upon us and what better way to say hello than in a fashionable way?  My new favorite trend for the summer is the Maxi Dress.  I love dresses (honestly, this is new for me. Maybe because my mom put me in hideous ones a kid…I digress..) and I have been wearing them every day that I can. 



One of the brands that I covet for my entire wardrobe of late, is Joie.  I love their shirts, pants, tops, dresses, just about everything!  What I am really digging are their dresses and Maxi ones especially.  Here is a peek at what I will be wearing this summer.  What about you? 

Dresses can be found at Saks, Neiman Marcus and Cusp among other places, check out http://www.joie.com/ for more info.

*Ediotor’s note : You do not have to be a 5’10” supermodel to wear these dresses.  I myself am 5’2 on a good day and wear them just fine!

-Jessica Brown

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