It’s hot out. It’s hot, and we don’t have a pool not to mention I hate those obnoxious ones that you have to blow up each time you use it. They aren’t much better than the hard plastic ones that kill my grass. Plus, once your kids are older than 2 they aren’t really all that much fun for them. At least they weren’t for our kids and this is why we have started going the route of the sprinklers. The kids run around getting wet and burning off calories, plus my lawn gets a good heathy watering. Win, win right?

My husband being the absolute awesome genius that he is, decided to make the kids some sprinklers this year. A trip to the hardware store for some PVC pipes and a hose adapter is all that he needed. First he just built a long piece that was capped on one edge and attached to the hose at the other. Drilled some holes in it and let them play. That wasn’t enough for him though. The structure has grown immensely since then. We now have pipes that stand up like a door way with holes all through it. The water sprays down from the top, and in from the sides.

Every kid in our neighborhood has come to give it a shot. More often than not they pretend it’s a “car wash.” Only they drive their bikes through. Or they just run through screaming. Either way. It has been a simple easy DIY that has cost us just under $20. It’s not making me light headed from having to blow the darn thing up, and it’s not destroying my yard. Best of all, we have noticed some of the other families around building their own. We could bring them together to make our own water park. Or not….

-Stephanie Wright

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