As much as I love going new places with my kids, I loathe the actual travel.  I am paranoid about losing one of my kids.  I’m not sure why, it’s not like I have ever been really lost.  But I have great anxiety when it comes to large crowds and my children.  Kids like to wander, and don’t always pay attention to their surroundings. Combine that with the fact that they are little and sometimes hard to see, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

I’m not big on those leash backpacks, but they can be absolutely handy in air ports, or amusement parks if you have a little wanderer.  I also am a firm believer in identification bracelets for kids too.  Lots of Identification bracelets can also specify medical issues too.  These are especially fantastic if you have a child who needs medication, or is allergic to something.  This way, if you are ever separated, whoever finds your child will be better equipped to help them.

Along those same lines are bracelets or necklaces that include your cell phone number on them.  They are super practical, just about any mall will have a store that makes charm bracelets.  Just choose the numbers of your cell phone.  Allow your child to choose a charm or two so that they are more likely to wear the bracelet without a fuss.   You can also add their name on the bracelet as well.  This way, if you are separated from your kids and someone finds them, all they have to do is call the number on the bracelet.  Just a small thing for a huge amount of peace of mind.  Hopefully you will never have to use it!

-Stephanie Wright

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