Road trips are a fun way to travel, and while gas can really add up, so can the cost of food and snacks while on the road. One of my favorite ways to save on the cost of a road trip is to make as much as possible at home. Granola bars for example, they can add up quickly if you buy some prepackaged bars from your local market. But it is so simple to make your own, and you won’t have to deal with all of the unpronounceable garbage put into the prepackaged stuff. Not to mention you can work with the flavors you know that your family loves.

When we take a road trip, we don’t stop for food, pretty much at all. We plan our lunches and dinners in the car. That’s not to say that we do not stop, who could drive all day without resting? But instead of stopping for food we look for parks, or rest areas to get some energy out. If you are one of those people who really like the sugar rush while you are driving, it pays to plan ahead for this as well. Instead of buying that candy bar at the gas station, buy one from the grocery store ahead of time. My family usually buys a bag full for us all to share of the mini candies. Because you know, I can’t get a candy bar without everyone else getting one too. This tactic will also help with portion control so that you don’t throw your diet out the window just because you are taking a trip.

Another great way to save some cash on the road is to skip the individual water bottles. They might be convenient, but either buying a larger container and pouring it into a smaller one as you need it, or filling your own container for the same reason will save you tons of cash. Taking a trip does not have to break the bank. Take the money you save and put it towards something much more fun!


-Stephanie Wright

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