Everyone is looking to save a buck or two. One of the hardest places to do so is on your grocery bill. At least in my mind it is. You can always cut coupons, but let’s face it, to do so takes lots and lots of time. Time that I simply just don’t have. In addition to not having the time, I don’t have the space to hold the “stockpiles” that most serious couponers have. I barely have pantry stuff for the current rotation! Those are just the reasons I just can’t get a hang of seriously couponing. Although I do try. But having a family of five means that we need a lot of groceries. I’m talking five gallons of milk a week a lot of groceries.

One of the main things I do to save on my grocery bill is plan our food for the week. I plan out every meal, every day. During my planning process, I get my grocery store’s weekly sales circular and I make decisions based on what’s for sale. As best as I can, I only shop from the sales. Another great way to save a dollar or twenty, is to price check stores. Now I’m not suggesting that you go to five hundred stores a week, but I am suggesting that you do an average run at one store, the an average run at the next. See which one has more sales, and which one saves you the most.

The other thing that I do to save money, is I’m not a brand snob. That means if it is cheaper, I buy the store brand. Sometimes sales will make the national brands cheaper, so make sure to look. The only thing that I weekly price check is milk. Because we go through so much, it’s worth it to buy it at the cheapest price possible. And my final tip for saving on your grocery bill is to make your list, THEN search online for coupons. Print out any that correlate with what’s already on your list. That will save you from buying things just because you have a coupon for it.

-Stephanie Wright

20 thoughts on “Saving on Groceries

  1. I love coupons it has helped my family so much to save money and be anle to do things with them. Now as my children are starting their own familys I can share with them to help out. Its rough for them now a days. Thank you

  2. I agree, when funds are short, smarter shoppers form, as did I, anything from coupons, to store cards, but always check the store adds!!, save lots of $$ between the combination of the three!!

  3. With prices going up every day I have to check prices at different stores to get the cheapest price on groceries. I also have to use coupons. Also, one of the stores I shop at accepts ads from other stores and will meet their prices. Thank you.

  4. I coupon shop every time I grocery shop and I have found that by coupon shopping I save several dollars. Thanks so much.

  5. i love coupon shopping because it saves time and money with the way the economy is its hard to just shop regulary thats why i think coupon shopping is better till the economy gets better

  6. I like using coupons to help me keep within my budget. Living on retirement income it has become a necessity!

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